Mysore Race Odds: November 11, 2020 Preview

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Horse racing has become a popular sport in India and betting on horse races is legal. Mysore is located in the ancient city of Mysuru which was once the capital of India. Mysore race club stands out amongst other race clubs in India. The racecourse dates back to 1891 and has evolved since then.

The past Maharajas were fond of horse racing and held horse racing tournaments as part of their birthday celebrations. This led to the official establishment of the Mysore Race Club in 1920.

Mysore Races Venue

Mysore race club is one of the most beautiful racetracks in India. It is surrounded by the Chamundi Hills, about 150km from the city of Bengaluru. Mysore race club is the youngest in India as the club became autonomous in 2014, despite having been established in 1920. The club’s facilities are situated on about 152 acres of land owned by the government. The beautiful and scenic environment surrounding the race club makes it different from other race clubs in India. Mysore race club is an exclusive club with about 250 members.

Despite being smaller than most race clubs, Mysore race club has state of the art facilities and boasts about 800 horses. It has an 18 hole standard Golf Hut. Other facilities like enclosures, offices, paddock and spectator stands are part of the race club.

The racetrack is structured to make horse racing fun for both jockeys and horses. It was designed by an Australian engineer specifically for the local environment. The race track has an oval shape and is about 2000m long and races are held all year round. There is a straight area of the racetrack that goes on for about 500m. The widest area of the racetrack is the backstretch which is about 30m. The racetrack tapers at the post to about 19m. There are two other sand tracks that are used for practice; trotting and bund school on the short track and fast racing on the longer track.

In the past, races only took place during the Monsoon season (August to October). The Monsoon season used to be referred to as the Mysore Races. The yearly race schedule is:

  • Winter: November to February
  • Monsoon: August to October
  • Summer: May to July
Different tournaments are held during these seasons such as:
  • The Chamundi Million
  • The Mysore City Gold Cup
  • The Continual Trophy
  • The Mysore Derby
  • The Governor's Cup
  • The Maharaja's Cup
  • The Mysore Race Club Million
  • The Sparks Million
  • The Mysore Colts

The winter and summer tournaments last between 12 to 14 days while the Monsoon tournaments can last beyond 16 days. The races held at Mysore race club are of different grades and bring different stakes, depending on the races. The stakes aggregate per season ranges from Rs. 3 crores in summer to Rs. 3.75 crores in winter and Rs. 5.85 crores in the Monsoon season.

Betting with 4rabet

Some forms of online gambling are illegal in India, like casino gambling. However, betting on horses both online and offline is legal in India. Horse racing is considered a game of skill and not just luck, therefore you can bet on your favourite horses. Mysore Race Club like all other horse racing facilities in India has registered betting kiosks where you can place your bets in person.

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