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IPL betting 2023 – When IPL will start: Start and Participants 

Description: Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals were definitely not on the roster of the teams, which could be contending for the IPL title. However, the 2022 season has granted us memories for eternity. Grab some tea and cookies and get acquainted with IPL 2023 start date and teams

IPL Start Date

The start of IPL 2023 is almost fixed but it is not official. The Board and the fans expect the teams to come out on the pitch again at the end of March, which is a typical start for the franchises. IPL start date can be related to the 25th of March and if the world does not have to fight against another pandemic, everything has to be fine. 

IPL 2023 Schedule25 March 2023 to 28 May 2023 (approximate) 
IPL 2023 Start Date25 March 2023 (approximate)
FormatT20 (20 Over Cricket League Match)
Number of the  Teams10
Fixtures 74

The fans and the experts have to understand that it is all almost up to the Board and the decision will be made after the World Cup. The same concerns the auction date: the players have to concentrate on the big forum in Australia, where the whole nation expects nothing but a victory. 

H2: IPL 2023 Schedule 

The logic of the system is unlikely to be changed: the teams will play at the standard time. The weekends will be a great space for predictions, as two or more matches will be set. 

TeamsDay Time (IST)
CSK vs KKR25-Mar-237:30 PM
DC vs MI26-Mar-233:30 PM
PBKS vs RCB26-Mar-237:30 PM
GT vs LSG27-Mar-237:30 PM
SRH vs RR28-Mar-237:30 PM
RCB vs KKR29-Mar-237:30 PM
LSG vs CSK30-Mar-237:30 PM
KKR vs PBKS31-Mar-237:30 PM
MI vs RR01-Apr-233:30 PM
GT vs DC01-Apr-237:30 PM
CSK vs PBKS02-Apr-237:30 PM
SRH vs LSG03-Apr-237:30 PM
RR vs RCB04-Apr-237:30 PM
KKR vs MI05-Apr-237:30 PM
LSG vs DC06-Apr-237:30 PM
PBKS vs GT07-Apr-237:30 PM
CSK vs SRH08-Apr-233:30 PM
RCB vs MI08-Apr-237:30 PM
KKR vs DC09-Apr-233:30 PM
RR vs LSG09-Apr-237:30 PM
SRH vs GT10-Apr-237:30 PM
CSK vs RCB11-Apr-237:30 PM
MI vs PBKS12-Apr-237:30 PM
RR vs GT13-Apr-237:30 PM
SRH vs KKR14-Apr-237:30 PM
MI vs LSG15-Apr-233:30 PM
DC vs RCB15-Apr-237:30 PM
PBKS vs SRH16-Apr-233:30 PM
GT vs CSK16-Apr-237:30 PM
RR vs KKR17-Apr-237:30 PM
LSG vs RCB18-Apr-237:30 PM
DC vs PBKS19-Apr-237:30 PM
MI vs CSK20-Apr-237:30 PM
DC vs RR21-Apr-237:30 PM
KKR vs GJ22-Apr-233:30 PM
RCB vs SRH22-Apr-237:30 PM
LSG vs MI23-Apr-237:30 PM
PBKS vs CSK24-Apr-237:30 PM
RCB vs RR25-Apr-237:30 PM
GT vs SRH26-Apr-237:30 PM
DC vs KKR27-Apr-237:30 PM
PBKS vs LSG28-Apr-237:30 PM
GT vs RCB29-Apr-233:30 PM
RR vs MI29-Apr-237:30 PM
DC vs LSG30-Apr-233:30 PM
SRH vs CSK30-Apr-237:30 PM
KKR vs RR01-May-237:30 PM
GT vs PBKS02-May-237:30 PM
RCB vs CSK03-May-237:30 PM
DC vs SRH04-May-237:30 PM
GT vs MI05-May-237:30 PM
PBKS vs RR06-May-233:30 PM
LSG vs KKR06-May-233:30 PM
SRH vs RCB07-May-233:30 PM
CSK vs DC07-May-237:30:PM
MI vs KKR08-May-237:30 PM
LSG vs GT09-May-237:30 PM
RR vs DC10-May-237:30 PM
CSK vs MI11-May-237:30 PM
RCB vs PBKS12-May-237:30 PM
KKR vs SRH13-May-237:30 PM
CSK vs GT14-May-233:30 PM
LSG vs RR14-May-237:30 PM
PBKS vs DC15-May-237:30 PM
MI vs SRH16-May-237:30 PM
KKR vs LSG17-May-237:30 PM
RCB vs GT18-May-237:30 PM
RR vs CSK19-May-237:30 PM
MI vs DC20-May-237:30 PM
SRH vs PBKS21-May-237:30 PM
FINAL28-May-237:30 PM

IPL 2023: Number and the name of the participants 

The biggest, the best, and the most anticipated – we are glad to announce the names of the 10 cricket teams, who will fight for the trophy 

  1. Chennai Super Kings
  2. Delhi Capitals
  3. Sunrisers Hyderabad
  4. Kings XI Punjab
  5. Royal Challengers Bangalore
  6. Kolkata Knight riders
  7. Mumbai Indians
  8. Rajasthan Royals
  9. Lucknow Super Giants
  10. Gujrat Titans

IPL 2023: What are your thoughts? 

The previous season turned out a catastrophe for many fans, but also a great fortune for others. The next edition promises to be intriguing, but the main question is, whether the old teams will be to resist relative newcomers. Therefore, give your forecast and share it with your friends!